The PIT Collection


"Please allow me to present to you my partners in time"

This is how legendary pianist Hank Jones introduced the bassist and drummer (sidemen) in his phenomenal trio, to the audience in Marciac / France in 1993 (Groovin’High double CD – Tommy Flanagan & Hank Jones – Live in Marciac ’93).

Sidemen, partners together, supporting a soloist with the essential factor in Jazz : Time. Time synonymous with Tempo, rhythm and beat, all major ingredients in Jazz.

In marketing, watches are often associated with actors and sportsmen, but nothing comes closer to the measure of time than Jazz. In 1998 came the idea to develop a Jazz Watch Collection where each watch is a particular tribute to a Jazz Artist, and with close involvement of the Artist in the initial design of the watch or based on the works of the Artist, rather than develop a watch and have some famous “spokesperson” to create an image for the product.

Time and jazz musicians, the watch collection had found its name :
Partners in Time

The collection of watches will feature famous Jazz Artists in the different shades of Jazz with a different time piece designed with the Artist or based on the works of the artist and in limited edition. Each watch will be accompanied with a unique recorded performance of the Artist, most of the time never released before.

The collection started some years ago with the following limited edition watches, today all are collector items : Kenny W & CD, Ben, Randy, Pac & Claudio